Warning some of the logic to resolve column to property have been changed

for structure like List<Tuple2<Foo, Foo>> with the columns bar, bar but more complex like Tuple2<TableA, List<Tuple3<TableB, List<TableC>, List<Tuple2<TableD, List<TableE>>>>>>

in 3.15.11 it could have map too

bar -> [0].element0.bar
bar -> [1].element0.bar

from 3.16.0 it will always map too

bar -> [0].element0.bar
bar -> [0].element1.bar

which seems far more correct. it is still possible to force the first mapping by renaming the column in the sql or via an alias to

elt0_elt0_bar, elt1_elt0_bar.

  • #495 column with the same name are assigned to the same object in different index instead of next object with property.