Main goal of 3.12 was to support mapping of Google Protocol Buffers objects.

They were a few bug in the meta data building, and messy arbitrage between property mapping that needed to be fixed for it to work properly.

All you need to do now is add sfm-converter-protobuf to your dependencies, to be able to instantiate com.google.protobuf.Timestamp.


see sfm-test-proto for running code.

  • 440 Original ticket to support protobuf
  • 441 fix csv mapper not updating the eligible instantiator in submappers
  • 442 fix csv mapper issue when injecting via setter/field a constructor only built object
  • 443 detect build function on builder that returns a super type or interface of the concrete type
  • 444 fix java 9 build issue with latest 172 version
  • 444 when building object from builder does not call the setter when value is null
  • 446 rename java 9 module to follow last recommendation
  • 447 support protobuf wrappers like IntValue

Thanks to @jawhiting to raise the problem to my attention.